An award-winning HR Tech entrepreneur and champion of female entrepreneurship from Birmingham, UK


As a female entrepreneur and working mother, Sarah Dowzell understands the challenges start-ups face. From bootstrapping and raising investment, to scaling up an operation, Sarah has been there – and is here to help you.

The highs and lows of female entrepreneurship

Juggling motherhood with entrepreneurship is no mean feat. That’s why Sarah loves to share unfiltered, honest accounts of her journey. The highs, the lows and the mistakes she’s made along the way. Her ultimate goal is to inspire budding entrepreneurs, whether they’re starting out or moving on to the next stage of growth.

Sarah’s key focus areas are:

  • Start-ups
  • Creating employment and people challenges
  • Scaling up
  • Women in tech
  • Female entrepreneurship
  • Supporting policy change

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    Supporting Britain’s female entrepreneurs

    As a regular networker, Sarah holds memberships in local and national female entrepreneur groups. She loves to hear from emerging start-ups and address the setbacks that female founders face.

    Campaigning for change

    Outside her day-to-day, Sarah is a passionate campaigner for government-level policy change. Keen to raise awareness of the obstacles female founders face – she knows first-hand what it’s like to be treated unfairly – from discrimination while raising investment, to being overlooked in the boardroom.

    Rather than staying quiet and hoping someone else will change, Sarah looks to women to make a difference. We have it in our power to break down these barriers.

    Challenging childcare initiatives

    As a working mother relying on nursery care, Sarah soon discovered the problems within the government’s “30 hours’ free childcare” scheme. With her business-head on, she saw the problems from childcare providers’ perspectives, too. With this in mind, she put forward her ideas to address the unintended, damaging consequences of the scheme.

    Supporting the community

    Beyond female entrepreneurs, Sarah also loves to support business growth in her home city. You can catch her talking about her scale-up journey as part of the Tech Growth Summit at Birmingham Tech Week 2022.