3 qualities you need as an entrepreneur

Happy New Year! For many of us, this is the time we reflect on the past year and then think about the changes we’re going to make to achieve our goals in the year ahead. “Qualities” are unlikely to be what we’re thinking about as whether it’s full-blown New Years Resolutions or small changes to lead healthier lifestyles, it’s most likely “actions” that we’re focussing on.

For all our good intentions, I think the majority of us can confess to not seeing something through from last year, nor the year before! I’m far from perfect and one thing I’m (again) committing to myself this year is to get blogging!

However, when it comes to business, we’ve achieved the same goal of 100% growth year on year. This is the same goal which has been set for 2019, as per our which business plan was written a few years ago! So, how have we (my business partner, team and I) managed to achieve this?

Well, a year ago today, I shared an image on Instagram with three words on it – focus, determination, and perseverance. My caption read, “Be a finisher, not a constant new starter! We achieved 💯% growth in 2017 and we’ll be doing the same in #2018💥

I think at this time of year it’s very easy to get caught up in “change” rather than re-aligning with our long-term business plan as an Entrepreneur. Of course, change is often necessary to survive in business – we need to be adaptable and we need to innovate but what’s really led to us achieve our targets is staying focussed and questioning what we’re doing to keep moving towards the bigger plan.

Focus, determination, and perseverance

I still stand by my words today and believe these three qualities, which do sound fairly similar, are needed to be successful in business; focus, determination, and perseverance. Here’s my take on each of the three:

Focus – this is where your attention is. It’s just as easy to get distracted in business as it is in general life. I know this only too well as someone who’s visionary and full of ideas, but I draw myself back into what it is we’re actually looking to achieve as a business.

Determination – to me, this is a more elegant way of saying “grit”. Whether it’s a bad day in the office or a relative who thinks your business idea is crazy, your end goal isn’t changing!

Perseverance – no matter how determined you are, in the tough times you need a little something more to keep you going over longer periods of time. Consistency often comes to mind with perseverance and as we all know in business, there isn’t a get rich quick scheme!

These aren’t the only three qualities I think you need as an Entrepreneur but are certainly the ones needed at this time of year, and as things don’t go to plan over the course of the year ahead! Perhaps I’ll apply them blogging this year too!

What other qualities come to mind for you?

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